Manufacturer and Exporter of Anti Electromagnetic Radiation Garment
Incredible anti electromagnetic radiation shield, filter 99.99% Radiation, 300KHz ~ 1GHz
Protect pregnant women from miscarriage and potential birth defects.
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Who should be care of EMR?
As different people live or work in different circumstance with different parts exposed in different electromagnetic field, we should be attention on special protective and personal protection according the difference. (time, distance, intension and exposed parts)

EMR sensitivity people: elder, children, maternity .
EMR sensitivity organism & apparatus: eyes, viscera, procreation system.

EMR special protective group: computer operator, householder, medical & research staffs, those who operator high frequency device or be working in high-intension EMF background, or who live & work in high EMF level for a long term, or so close to radiation equipment& instruments.

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Item: MBB-FDB/60108 - Butterfly Knot Shirt

Navy Blue


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