Manufacturer and Exporter of Anti Electromagnetic Radiation Garment
Incredible anti electromagnetic radiation shield, filter 99.99% Radiation, 300KHz ~ 1GHz
Protect pregnant women from miscarriage and potential birth defects.
Company Profile

We are specialized in providing high standard special protective clothes, the remarkable shielding effectiveness be up to 99.99% from 10Khz-3Ghz.with our independent monopoly, we can makedifferent dresses such as pregnant / clerk / specialist against electromagnetic radiation around. it can be shut down 27-29dB electromagnetic radiation from the around.

Technology: Anti-electromagnetic wave fabric, shirt, waistcoat, maternity dress, vest, T-shirt underwear etc, have been developed. it is a newly develop high technology material, the surface using metal compound according to chemical bond combine to fabric, form excellent electromagnetic wave up to 99%. the material is comfort , soft, fastness and also prevent static and bacteria advantages.

Applications: it provides health security to human body for those people that expose to electromagnetic wave (office computer staffs, maternity woman, production staffs, broadcasting and radio communication workers and medical staff, and etc) its also can be apply on the industrial like electromagnetic shielding room instead of cooper sheets or lead sheets, airplane, information transmission, radio shielding room, medical device of high frequency, antenna, wall/floor/roof/ material, high frequency furnace , and etc.

With years research & development, we improved these series functional fabrics with advanced technology and wonderful manufacture techniques with good conditions control for batch & scale out, meanwhile our related manufacturing procedure passed authority underwriter. it not only has the advantages of the present conventional cloth such as comfort, beauty and wear, but also has the features that the conventional cloth has not, such as anti-electromagnetic radiation.

The company possesses anti-electromagnetic radiation clothes at present. its remarkable shielding effectiveness can up to 99% from 10Khz to 3Ghz, and convenient in wash, softness by touching, it can be used comprehensive for not military, science, medical , industry, financial, construction for special protective , also can be made into garment for maternity, baby, children, elder, office staffs for daily personal safety.