Manufacturer and Exporter of Anti Electromagnetic Radiation Garment
Incredible anti electromagnetic radiation shield, filter 99.99% Radiation, 300KHz ~ 1GHz
Protect pregnant women from miscarriage and potential birth defects.
Incredible Anti Electromagnetic Radiation Dress

We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting high performance electromagnetic radiation protective clothes, the remarkable shielding effectiveness be up to filtering 99% Radiation from 10KHz-3GHz.

We can produce all kinds of different dresses for pregnant, clerk, specialist against electromagnetic
radiation around.

Protect pregnant women from miscarriage and potential birth defects caused by electromagnetic radiation
Protect people working in a high electromagnetic radiation environment from potential physical and mental diseases

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Hot Anti Electromagnetic Radiation Dress
Maternity Westkit

Item: MBB-FDB/60103
Size: L-XL
Pink, Navy Blue, Red For Choice

Butterfly Knot Shirt

Item: MBB-FDB/60108
Size: L-XL
Navy Blue For Choice

Large Silk Bellyband

Item: MBB-FDB/10407
Size: L-XL
Pink, Navy Blue, Purple For Choice

Grid Collar Vest

Item: MBB-FDB/60108
Size: L-XL
Pink, Navy Blue, Purple For Choice


Do You Know Radiation's Danger and Damage?
Pregnant women who use cell phones could be damaging their unborn babies, according to scientific research? Computer monitors, television and microwave oven are more dangerous modern appliances than Mobile phone in your daily life.

How To Use Anti Electromagnetic Radiation Garment
All our protective wears made of the washable anti electromagnetic radiation fabric.

From experts’ recommendation, women should wear this shield garment as early as 3 MONTHS before pregnancy till you give birth.

One Dress to Fit Your Whole Pregnancy
Adjustable waist line to fit SIZE M, L, XL, XXL
Dress Length: 20 "~33"
Maximum Maternity Chest: 46"~50"
Maximum Waist: 48 "~54"
Maximum Maternity Hips: 52"~58"
Net Weight: 0.4kg ~ 0.9kg




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